Please enter your monthly usage (kWh), which can be found on your utility bill, and enter it into the green box in the upper righthand corner below. The calculator will tabulate your supply charges for the month for each Westwood CCE product option in comparison to current Eversource’s Basic Service rates.

Enter Monthly kWh:    
Products Rate Monthly
Supply Cost
Westwood Standard
+10% MA Class I RECs
$0.16710 $
Westwood Plus
100% MA Class I RECs above that required by MA
$0.17850 $
Westwood Basic
Meets MA renewable energy standards
$0.16310 $
Eversource Basic Service
July 1 – December 31, 2023
RESIDENTIAL $0.16078 $
COMMERCIAL $0.15899 $
INDUSTRIAL (NEMA) $0.15614 $

Please note: program prices apply only to the electricity supply portion of your Eversource electric bill. Delivery charges on your Eversource electric bill are not affected by the Westwood Community Choice Electricity (CCE) Program.

Prices for all options in the Westwood CCE Program include a $0.001/kWh administration fee. Program prices could increase as a result of a change in law that results in a direct, material increase in costs during the term of the electricity supply agreement.

Future savings compared to Eversource Basic Service cannot be guaranteed because future Basic Service prices change every six months for residential and commercial customers, and every three months for industrial customers.


Products described as Green contain an amount of RECs above that required by the Commonwealth. The additional RECs qualify for MA Class I designation and include generation from solar, wind, anaerobic digestion, or low-impact hydro located within New England.

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